COVID-19 and other infectious diseases can cause irreparable harm to businesses and the nation. Under the duty of care, employers must provide Jamaicans with a safe place of work even during rare occurrences such as pandemics. Scroll down for resources to prepare workplaces, employees, communities and families in the face of an outbreak.


Ministry of Health and Wellness
Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Employers: Interim Guidance from Jamaica’s Ministry of Health and Wellness
Ministry of Labour and Social Security
Get in touch with the Pay and Conditions of Employment Branch for guidance on leave benefits for employees
World Health Organisation: WHO
COVID-19 Advice for the public from WHO
Center for Disease Control CDC
The CDC’s resources for businesses including its Cleaning and Disinfecting Recommendations
International Labour Organisation ILO
Learn more about COVID-19’s impact on the world of work from the ILO
Pan-American Health Organisation PAHO
Access Technical guidance, epidemiological alerts and online training
Infectious Disease Response Phase Checklist
Download our Response Phase checklist to help you determine actions you should be taking as this pandemic unfolds
Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Coronavirus Information and Resource page
Advice for businesses and resources for healthcare workers and remote workers

COVID-19 Guidelines for Workplaces

OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19
OSHA’s Interim Guidance on how to get your workplace ready for COVID-19
WHO Get Your Workplace Ready for COVID-19
COVID-19: The WHO’s 6 Recommendations for your workplace